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Radio Free Burning Man's staff is varied and eclectic. The station attracts people through the internet, through the Burning Man organization, and on site. People gravitate to the station and are drawn to being on the radio. Most of the staff have prior radio or broadcast experience, usually with college and non-commercial radio. They all share a common interest in making this station look, sound, and be great.

Staff meetings are held daily where the next 24-hour shift schedule is decided by a consensus of the group. At station meetings other topics are also discussed including daily chores, feelings about the event and the prior day's broadcasting, current events around Black Rock City, and to meet people who come to the meetings to talk to the station about programming and general issues. Daily meetings are vibrant, procedural, boring and hung-over all at the same time.

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2014: Forgot to take a staff picture. Oops!

2013: No RFBM

2012 Staff

2009 - 2011: No RFBM

2008 Staff

2006 Staff


2005 Staff

DJ Big E, Gordon, Max, $mall ¢hange, Stinky Pits, Graham, Nevergirl, Shekky the Bastard, Shoe, Blib Blib, Spliff Skankin', Arashi and Ken. See their 2005 air shifts...

2004 Staff

Gordon, Ryan, Marco, Shekky The Bastard, Edie, Nevergirl, Spliff Skankin', and DJ Big E. Missed the photo: Small Change and Richard. See their 2004 air shifts...

2003 Staff

Alec, Bishop, Blaine, Small Change, Dan The Man, Edie, F-Space, Gordon, Bumpy Johnson, Ka Pla!, Lexy, Marco Matrix, Nevergirl, King Richard, Rick & R.J., Greg Rose, Shekky The Bastard, Spliff Skankin', Stinky Pits, Eve Summers, T&A, Vav and Dr. Zarkhov (Names not listed for photo reference). See their 2003 air shifts...

2002 Staff


2000 Staff



Setup team for the 2000 event.


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