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Here are some of the station's on-air personalities:

Dj BIG e

Big e puts a little 'R' in your radio.


Blib Blib

What was she eating?


Edie is the permanent 'Chat Noir' of our station.


Who's show is this anyway?!


Fills the station with Green Haze


Marco invites you into his matrix, 'where all things are connected.'


Maximus is Gordon's Nepitus Demeritus, sharing qualitative struggling deeds on the family theme farm. He can be seen quite often drinking Nepitine(EtOH) and branching from his family duties to share the love with all else on the playa whom he consideres his sister and brother.


Nevergirl is always in control of your listening pleasure.

Shekky The Bastard

Shekky helps you with the mid-day struggle to pull your head out of your ass.



When the sound fits...Play it!

Spliff Skankin'

Spliff is just Spliff.


Stinky Pits

A hot day and a sealed room.

pancake, hotdog, oatmeal, railroad, icecream, spondee!

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