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How Radio is Made:

Radio Free Burning Man operates under Part 15 of the FCC rules for "intentional radiators." The antenna, side mounted near the top of the tower, is a home-made Jampro Penetrator. The two antenna bays are fed with a 75-ohm, 3/4-wave, coaxial harness. No vertical beam-tilt is designed into the antenna array.

The Orban Optimod 8000A dates back to the mid-seventies. This simple broadcast limiter was a breakthrough in FM broadcasting in its day. Since it is much simpler than its successors and imitators, the Optimod provides a more subtle effect on the station sound where a loudness war is not being fought. This unit averages the program audio from the console, limits the sharp peaks and sibilance that cause annoying distortion, and uses a variable-rate release time to reduce listener fatigue associated with other, more basic limiter circuits.

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