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Gordon's Hobbies...

Hi, I'm Gordon, chief engineer for, and totalitarian dictator of, Radio Free Burning Man. I created this page to show other projects I work on and play with besides RFBM.

35mm Projectors

Here are some images of me goofing around with 35mm film projection equipment.

Some of my equipment consists of Simplex E-7 projectors, RCA Photophone MI-9030 soundheads, and a single home-made folding pedistal system.

The CP200 has one Accessory unit and an SRA-5 analog SR adaptor. There is an MPU-1 in the kit, but little chance of ever running magnetic soundtracks or even connecting the audio.

The LCR screen channels are JBL EON-15 powered PA speakers. Despite the limited conditions under which I run this equipment, I am impressed by the performance on all three basic optical sound formats (academy mono, A-type w/ surround, and SR-encoded).

The projection light source is now an ORC M1000 lamphouse with a 700-watt LTI (now Philips) xenon lamp which I run at the reccomended 37-amps.


Amateur radio

A 1976 Yaesu FT101E serves as my access to the HF portion of the hobby.
I've reconditioned this Cushcraft R7000 antenna. After much work, SWR is below 1.3:1 on most of the bands. I've worked 40, 20, 15 and 10 with this antenna.


1947  RCA BTF-250A FM Transmitter


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